Minnie Mouse Adult Costume


A Minnie Mouse costume is fun for girls of all ages, from infants to adults. Minnie Mouse is the most recognizable female Disney character, possibly the most recognizable female character from anything. Even though pretty much everyone knows Mini, most folks probably don’t know her full name, Minerva Mouse. A Minnie Mouse costume is great for kids because she’s cute and a character that little girls love, and great for a funny and adorable adult costume because Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse costumes make a great couples costume.

The red polka dot dress and cute mouse ears and bow make the costume instantly recognizable since those are trademark features of Minnie Mouse. Beyond those details it’s up to you how detailed you want to get. You can keep it simple and just stick to a black bodice and black tights or you can add face paint and large cartoon gloves for some extra fun detail. The Minnie Mouse Adult Costume includes a velvety off the shoulder bodice, a red polka-dotted skirt with a sheer overlay, a Minnie Mouse cameo brooch and Minnie Mouse headband with ears and a polka-dotted bow. Add black tights and cute socks and shoes to complete the Minnie Mouse costume.

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