Minnie Mouse Costume for Toddler Costumes


Have you ever heard of the famous Walt Disney cartoon Steamboat Willy?  Steamboat Willy marks the first appearance of one very famous mouse, and no, it’s not Mickey Mouse.  No, Steamboat Willy marks the introduction to Mickey’s ever-youthful girlfriend, Minnie Mouse.  Minnie Mouse and her famous Minnie Mouse costume have been fixtures at Disney for generations.  Over the years, Minnie has made numerous appearances both in television and film, and even in video games, such as the Kingdom Hearts Series.

There is a reason that children love the timeless Disney characters so much.  They are so well conceived and have so much, well, character.  You can always count on a Disney costume to deliver a smile wherever it is worn.

When you are looking for super-cute toddler costumes, a good option is always a Disney costume.  The Clubhouse Minnie Mouse (Pink) Toddler/Child Costume is a wonderful pink.  This Minnie Mouse Costume for Toddler is a pink dress with white polka dots, and a Minnie Mouse cameo on it.  Why, of course, those classic Minnie Mouse ears are also complete with a hair bow.  In a word, this girl’s costume is nothing short of delightful and will simply charm one and all.

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