Mobster Costume Party

America and, in fact, the entire world is still fascinated with the mobsters of the 1920s.  Mobster costumes work on two levels. They are tough guy costumes, and they are also 20s costumes.  When many think of the mobster costume they might immediately think of the Al Capone costume. However, there were female costumes in that decade also, such as the flapper costume.

A mobster costume party also allows your guest to dress up in some pretty sexy costumes as well.  Surprisingly there are many mobster costumes that are downright sexy.  There are great female costumes that venture into the world of the sexy gangster costume.  Don’t be surprised to see a few sexy mobsters stop by your mobster costume party!

One fun idea for your mobster costume party is to have your party conjure up the days of Prohibition and the speakeasy.  Maybe your friends need to get past a guard at the door.  (If you don’t know the password, you just don’t get in.)  Once inside make sure you have music from the roaring twenties playing at least every now and then.

The dress of the 20s appeals to people to this day because it is so unique and classic.  This 20s style, flare and drama is part of what makes a mobster costume party a fine idea.

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