Money You Can Be Saving

This is the Geico money stack that stares at people, it was about 20 bucks to make, and very easy- i got a box called the Guitar box at UPS the guitar box is the perfect dimensions for this I spray painted it green then got a lighter green to add lines to make look like a stack I cut a hold for my head on top then i had to large round white circles made of cardboard on top of box for the eyes, in the middle is the black posterboard circles, the large round circles i bought at a cake decorating store they are the pieces used to hold cakes - they worked perfect, cut 2 small slits in box and put glue in them placed the white eyes inside, I also took an ipod with the song I always feel like somebodys watching me playing , people loved this costume, it covered from head to about mid waist

Submitted by Andrea Marrufo, albuquerque, New Mexico

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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