Monkey Costumes

Nothing’s more fun than a monkey costume. Monkeys are known to be funny and silly, inspiring phrases like “monkeying around” and “monkey see, monkey do.” That’s especially why baby monkey costumes and monkey costumes for toddlers are so popular. It’s great to see an adorable happy child dressed up like a cuddly, fun loving monkey.

The big ears, long tails and furry little jumpsuits make monkey costumes so cute, especially on kids. Throw in a banana peel on top of their head and you’ve got a great photo opportunity. Sock monkey costumes and circus monkey costumes with a cute little fez are popular with parents who want to dress their baby or toddler as an adorable little monkey. Loveable cartoon character monkeys like Curious George, Boots from Dora the Explorer and Abu from Disney’s Aladdin make money costumes popular among kids. Since so many cartoon monkeys tend to be sidekicks, they make great parent/child or sibling group costume ideas.

Of course not every monkey costume is strictly cute or for kids. Adults also like to wear monkey Halloween costumes, especially ones that are funny or scary. Gorilla costumes can be pretty scary with wild mean masks. A gorilla costume can also be funny and be made to look like a King Kong costume with the right accessories, like a doll he carries or someone wearing a skyscraper costume to go with it. Some kids may find that flying monkey costumes, from the Wizard of Oz are also pretty frightening, especially if they’re accompanied by a scary Wicked Witch costume.

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