Monkey King Son Goku Costumes

This was my very first sewn costume. I sewed everything fabric on this costume, with guidance from my grandmother. It was my first time using a sewing machine so I'm very proud of the outcome!

The only two things I didn't sew were the pants (which were a pair of jeans I modified) and the boots I am wearing (just regular ol' hiking boots).

I also didn't make the headband or the staff, but they were made specifically for my use.

The character Son Goku, or 'Monkey King' is a very old chinese legend. He is said to be the companion of Tripitaka, helping him travel to India to collect buddhist scriptures as to unify them. Son Goku is called 'Seiten Taisei' which means 'Great Sage Equal To God', a title he gave himself arrogantly. He was imprisoned for 500 years until he was released by the Gods to help Tripitaka with his quest.

While Son Goku is a legend, his images (along with Tripitaka and his other two demon servants) appear everywhere in Chinese and Japanese buddhist temples.

The picture is of me at a convention in San Jose called Fanime 2009. Since the image is of me, I am authorized to use it as a representation of my costume. The watermark is simply the photographers credit for such an amazing, high quality photo 🙂

Submited by Katie Zabel, Oak Park, California



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