Monster Costumes

Monster costumes have pretty much always been a Halloween staple. Monster costumes offer a lot of room to be creative since a monster could just be a deformed creature or freak of nature. Some common monster costumes ideas include Frankenstein’s monster, mummies, vampires, werewolves, and other various scary beings. Pretty much anything that’s unnatural could be considered a monster, like giants, ogres and hybrid creatures.

Making your own scary monster costume could be as simple or complicated as you wish. Wearing ratty clothes or a shredded hood with scary face paint could constitute an original monster costume idea. Some monster costumes might have a scary pumpkin or for a head. Monsters are also known for having extra eyes, weird limbs like tentacles or to be covered with fur or scales.

While typically scary, sometimes monsters can be friendly or simply misunderstood. The Incredible Hulk could be classified as a monster hero, who is often misunderstood as dangerous. Other popular “friendly monsters” include characters like Shrek or Elmo. In fact Sesame Street is full of friendly monsters who are friends with humans, which goes a long way to help children overcome their fear of monsters. You may not realize it, but Pokémon are also monsters since Pokémon is short for “pocket monsters” describing these fictional creatures as monsters rather than animals. Movies like Monsters Inc and Where the Wild Things Are have also played a major role in making monsters more likeable for kids. Some kids like scary monster costumes, but more and more little ones are wearing friendly monster costumes for toddlers and even infants.

No matter what kind of monsters you prefer, scary or friendly, there’s really no limit to what kind of monster costume you can wear.

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