Movie Costume Party

Odds are there is at least one movie character that each of your friends is secretly just dying to dress up as for a costume party.  Since movies spread across such a wide range of genres, just about every costume imaginable is possible, including horror movie costumes, magic movie costumes, superhero movie costumes and science fiction movie costumes, just to name a few.

One of the great things about a movie themed costume party is that it allows for great moments, such as having Darth Vader talking to Marilyn Monroe in the corner, as Captain Kirk and Indiana Jones look on in bewilderment.  Of course, another option is to build an entire movie costume party around one type of movie.  In other words, this means that everyone shows up wearing a pirate costume, a Disney costume, a superhero costume, a Star Trek costume or a monster costume.

Don’t forget to have movie classics that tie into your theme playing on your television in the background. You can also play movie soundtrack themes, or even have a dance party to different movie songs.  For the decorations, feel free to get really wild and integrate everything you can think of about the plot and theme of the movie.

Whatever kind of movie costume party you are having, food is always a concern.  Why not try out a movie oriented snack menu with different flavors and types of popcorn?  When combined with classic movie theater candy treats, your guests will no doubt feel the movie magic.

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