Movie Costumes

It’s easy to understand why movie character costumes are among the most popular Halloween costumes every year.  The movies serve to transport us, quite literally, to other worlds for adventure, fun and excitement.  Take, for example, the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises.  The long running success of Star Wars continues to make such costumes as the Star Wars Darth Vader Collector’s (Supreme) Edition Adult Costume or the Star Wars Sexy Amidala Adult Costume, popular year in and year out.

The reboot of Star Trek has made the Star Trek costume even more popular.  Costumes like the Star Trek Movie (2009) Red Dress Deluxe Adult Costume and the Star Trek Movie (2009) Grand Heritage Gold Shirt Adult Costume are just two of the Star Trek costumes that are making appearances at Halloween parties and costume parties this year.

But its not just space heroes and villains that are showing up at Halloween parties and costume parties.  Superheroes like Batman, Spiderman and Transformers are also well represented.  Kids of all ages love dressing up in a superhero costume whether it is a Batman costume, a Spiderman costume or a mighty Transformers costume.  Batman is enjoying new popularity, thanks to the success of the Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  One seriously impressive Batman costume is the Collector’s Edition Batman Adult Costume.  This costume is loaded down with remarkable detail that will amaze all that see it.

Star Trek, Star Wars and superhero costumes are always popular, but we shouldn’t forget costumes from the world of magic.  The magical realms of Disney, Harry Potter and the Wizard of Oz have a special place come Halloween.  A Wizard of Oz costume, or Disney costume, is a perfect fit for anyone who wants a magic oriented costume that also has a touch of nostalgia.  Harry Potter may be the new magical kid on the block, but it is no real surprise that Harry Potter costumes are more popular each and every year.  One thing is for certain, every year Hollywood will dream up new movie characters and we will see new exciting movie character costumes.

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