Movie Director Halloween Costume


We all love the movies.  Why every year it seems as though the film business makes more money, sells more tickets and has more blockbusters than the previous year.  The world loves movies, and it doesn’t just love the actors and actresses.  Today many directors are famous celebrities in their own right, such as James Cameron.  Everyone wants a little of that Hollywood magic and with the movie director Halloween costume, you too can get in on that Hollywood sizzle, even if its just for one night.

The Director Adult Costume is a real attention grabber.  This director’s costume harkens back to the director’s costumes of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s, with its tan jacket and puffy tan pants.  When combined with a black beret, sunglasses and high top boots, you instantly have an archetypal costume recognized around the world.

The movie director Halloween costume is a great one for couples too.  Just imagine the fun when that can be had when combining The Director Adult Costume with the Sexy Starlet Adult costume.  This stunning costume is a full-length red strapless number that will always get attention.  Now, that is a way to make an entrance at a party!


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