Mummy Costumes

Halloween is about fun, friends and, of course, fear.  A good scary costume can really add a lot to a Halloween party and fast.  Most of us like (if not love) a good scare.  If we don’t, well we know well enough to lay low during the Halloween season.  While there are all sorts of new Halloween costumes on the market every year, for many of us the classics are still some of the scariest costumes out there.  There is just something intensely scary about a good Dracula costume or wolfman costume and the ultimate figure of the undead, the mummy, is one of the most horrifying Halloween staples of them all.  A good mummy costume isn’t just scary; it’s downright chilling.

What makes a mummy so very frightening?  Much of the terror they produce in people is a result of the fact that they are undead and hidden from view.  The fact that they are ancient and obscured in their detailed wrappings makes them all the more menacing.  There is also an extra chill added to the air when we stop to consider that mummies were once human.  Plus, there is the very real problem that you can’t kill what is already dead.  Mix all these ingredients together, and you have a nearly perfect Halloween monster costume.

There are lots of take on the mummy costume and you can find them for adults, teens and even kids.  Why the entire family can show up cloaked in the mystery of the mummy!

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