Music Costumes

Music and costumes go together like Simon & Garfunkel and it’s been that way since long before music videos. All types of musical performances throughout the ages like operas, burlesque, belly dance, musicals and even marching bands all make use of costuming. All of those types of performances could make the best music costumes, especially group costumes.

Musicians, singers and bands today make use of creative costumes in music videos help to tell a story or create a mood. Great music videos are usually most memorable because of amazing costumes and settings. That’s why generally when someone wants to dress up like their favorite music artist they chose to copy a costume from a music video. Artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Lady Gaga are known for outrageous costumes in their videos and even while off stage, providing lots of costume ideas. Some bands are known for incredible costumes as well like KISS.

Some musical movies have made music costumes popular. Grease costumes always a classic, especially for talented couples who want to dress like Danny and Sandy. High School Musical has inspired some cool costumes for kids. Sweeny Todd is another great musical movie that has a much darker gothic vibe, which is great for Halloween.

Sometimes it’s fun to just pick a decade and piece together a cliché costume based on what was popular. For an 80s rocker costume you could spike or tease your hair, wear a single glove, sport some skin tight leopard pants with an off the shoulder top.

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