My Little AVATAR! Costumes

My 4-year old daughter, Frankie, has very long hair. Therefore, I suggested that she dress up as Rapunzel this year for Halloween. To which, she immediately responded, "Heck no, Mom...I want to be AVATAR!" I went to work at piecing together the necessary elements. The BIGGEST element that I needed was SUPER-patience from my tot - do you have any idea how long it takes to braid 30+ braids, THAT much length, on a 4 year old?? But she stuck through it. She was so cute, leaping from tree to tree in her self-described "jungle in my brain", and Avatar hissing at our bewildered Cairn terrier. It was great fun to help her with this transformation...can't WAIT to see who she wants to be next year!

Submitted by Christen Evenson, MN

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