Mystique Costume

I was invited to a superhero themed Halloween costume. I knew that meant lots of spandex no matter what, so I decided to go all the way with Mystique, the shape shifter, from X-Men.

I ordered a blue unitard. The scales were a challenge. I bought some metallic blue fabric and put iron on adhesive on the back of it. I cut out 1000s of organic shapes from a metallic blue material and using cardboard to give the unitard shape ironed the scales on strategically. For the face, hands, and feet I used blue body paint. I found scrapbooking plastic raindrops at the craft store. I painted them with blue nail polish and used them for the scales on my face. I topped it off with some red hair dye and some yellow contacts! TA DA! Mystique!

Submitted by Sarah, Sebago, ME


Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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