Mystique Costumes

Ever since the X-Men movies hit the silver screen, X-Men costumes have been becoming increasingly popular among kids and adults. But it seems like one mutant in particular made a big impression on cosplayers, and that mutant is Mystique. While Mystique is portrayed a number of ways, the things that remain the same are her blue skin, red hair and ability to shape shift. As a villain of the X-Men comics and movie franchise, Mystique manipulates many people by using her shape-shifting powers.

Mystique costumes based on the original character design from the comics feature smooth blue skin, short red hair and a white dress with a skull belt. However there are of course alternate costumes in the comic, but traditionally she is featured in the white dress. Very detailed Mystique costumes may actually incorporate her yellow eyes with contacts. In the X-Men movie Mystic is portrayed much differently however. She is shown with scaly textured skin and is completely nude. While she still has red hair, it’s slicked back, rather than styled. In the X-Men movies she is much more aggressive, engaging in combat at times, while in the comics she was originally very sneaky and avoided combat. However there have been changes to the character in the comics in recent years to Mystique’s appearance and character. Both the comic version and movie version of the Mystique costume are considered very sexy costumes.

Mystique costumes may sometimes be a part of X-Men group costumes. Usually she is paired with Nightcrawler since she is his mother. She may also be seen with Rogue, since she is her adoptive mother.


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