Mythology Costumes

While mythology can refer to any type of myths the most common type of mythology is Greek mythology. Of course there are interesting myths, legends and mythological creatures from all kinds of cultures and time periods. Many of them involve fantastical creatures, heroes and amazing characters that inspire great costume ideas. Mythology costumes are so fun to make because they usually involve supernatural, strange and extraordinary elements. Greek mythology in particular includes all kinds of interesting creatures and characters that inspire amazing mythology costumes.

A Greek God costume for men or Greek Goddess costume for women can be a lot of fun on Halloween or for a costume party. There are also many possibilities for mythology couples costumes, including Zeus and Hera or other pairings from Greek mythology. Specific Gods also have their appeal as costume ideas, such as Dionysus, the God of Wine who would be popular at a party. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love makes a great costume idea for women, especially sexy versions of the costume. A Hades costume on the other hand appeals to anyone who wants a scary or evil costume since Hades is the God of the Underworld and is usually depicted as dark and sinister.

Of course there are many other types of mythology costumes aside from Greek God costumes. Medusa costumes are very popular for women, especially since the costume is open to a lot of interpretation. Some medusa costumes portray her as beautiful with snakes for hair, while others portray her as scary or creepy with green skin. Hercules costumes for men are popular since he is a strong character. There are tons of possibilities for mythology costumes, especially since there are so many myths.

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