Nerd Costume Party

Ah, the beloved nerd.  The nerd costume can take many forms, but each will be uniquely entertaining in its own way.  Whether it is a geek costume or computer costume, the nerd costume is one that will always get an immediate reaction.  And the ladies haven’t been left out either, as there are nerd costumes that are girl costumes as well!

Now having dozens of people dressed as nerds at a nerd costume party, well that is just priceless.  Feeling your home full of nerds for a fun, lighthearted nerd costume party will always be a wild time.  Fill your nerd costume party full of things nerds would appreciate and enjoy.  Perhaps you can offer a plastic pocket protector to every one who attends.

There is also the possibility to have a nerd costume party that goes for a specific subspecies of the nerd world, say the computer geek.  You can have everyone show up to your nerd costume party with geeky technology in hand.

Then there is the video game nerd.  This theme offers a great deal of possibility as well.  Encourage some of your friends to attend your nerd costume party as their favorite video game character. And then the entertainment at the party can be simply sitting around playing video games.

Nerds, geeks and dorks are all about fun, even if it may not be the fun that many others enjoy, use your nerd costume party to embrace that fact!

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