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In Hawaii they have a sushi spot called Ninja Sushi and I wanted to be sushi for Halloween…But How? And on a budget?....Now I know a lot of people are sushi but I wanted to incorporate my whole body into it (and not just wear a sushi hat with a kimono). I made the hat with a pillow. I took the stuffing out and sewed it through the middle and sides to make it look like a shrimp. I put the pillow stuffing back in and sewed a cut out foam shrimp tail to the end. Finally I painted it to look like a shrimp. Now the problem is how do I wear this pillow? So I got an old hat and cut off the cap, I then sewed the shrimp pillow on to it. And then I wore a Japanese bandana around my head to get the ninja effect. I wrapped a bunch of white stuffing to look like rice and then a green wrap to look like nori around my body. I blew up orange balloons and attached it to a nude bra to look like roe.

Submitted by Jessica, Honolulu, Hawaii

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