Nun Costume

The traditional nun habit (or nun costume) hasn't changed too much in recent years, at least not officially.  But the same cannot be said for nun costumes aimed at Halloween.  No, these nun costumes are anything but conservative. These nun costumes can be very, very sinful.

There can be little doubt that Halloween is a very playful time.  Not surprisingly, the nun costume is a popular Halloween costume among women. Nun costumes even can work for the occasional man, looking to make a big statement and a big splash at a Halloween party.  Some nun costumes are pretty subdued, but other nun costumes are just plain wild.  I don't think anyone is going to accuse the woman wearing the pregnant nun costume of playing it too safe come Halloween time, for example.

The adult nun costumes also include some other pretty racy nun costumes, including the naughty nun costume.  If all nuns dressed in the naughty nun costume, the Catholic Church would probably have a much different look and feel.  A lacy nun habit complete with a short, short skirt will get attention each and every time!  Throw in a pair of thigh high fishnet stockings and high heels, and you definitely have the makings of a few Hail Mary's.

There are definitely two ways to go with the nun costume.  One is the tradition route, with the conservative nun habit that is most familiar to people worldwide. The other is the racy and bold, sexy nun, pregnant nun costume or naughty nun costume.  Any adult nun costume will get some big time attention, whether they have lace, fishnet stocking and high heels or not.

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