Occupation Costumes

There are some occupations that really lend themselves well to being good costumes for Halloween parties and costume parties.  Some are definitely more fun than others.  In general, picking an occupation costume can make a great deal of sense.  Just about everyone recognizes most major occupations.

Everyone recognizes a nurse costume, a doctor costume or a police officer costume, for example.  This instant sense of familiarity is always a good pick for Halloween. This factor can be even more important so if you are going to Halloween parties where few people know you.  Nothing breaks the ice like a good nurse costume or police officer costume.  These two costumes are classic flirting instruments.  For example, offer to take someone’s temperature if you’re wearing the nurse’s outfit.

Many occupation costumes just have a familiar feel that will amuse most partygoers, such as the cowboy costume and the fireman costume.  These classic costumes, like policeman costumes and teacher costumes, allow you to instantly fit into any party you attend.

Now while the ladies have an endless sea of sexy nurse costumes from which to choose, guys have some great picks too.  Boxer costumes and baseball player costumes are instantly recognizable, easy and fun.  If you are feeling more adventurous and a little out of this world, there is always the classic astronaut costume.  Think about a career that might have been fun to have.  Halloween is the perfect time to try out that costume!

Regardless of what costume you pick, you will find yourself having a great time representing one of these fun, instantly recognizable career characters.  Remember you can always stay in character if you need to break the ice and stir up some laughter.  With occupation costumes you can play around and arrest someone, teach students, walk on the moon, or even play doctor.

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