One Armed Zombie Nurse Costume

This costume started out as just a nurse outfit I had in 2005. It was laying in my closet and I had nothing to do with it. One day, I was thinking about what to do for Halloween. I wanted to be a nurse from Silent Hill. I couldn't find everything I needed, so I thought why not use the nurse outfit I had and make it into a costume. I mixed up some paint to make it look like blood. I smeared it on the shirt and paints. Painted my hand and put hand prints on the shirt and pants. My husband then had a better idea. Why not have one arm? So he used cardboard, masking tap, and hot glue and made a "stump" for my arm. He also put red paint on it to make it look more "real". This made it look like my arm had been ripped off. From all the "bloody" clothes and arm, I decided to take it further and zombie-fie my self. So I went to the Halloween store and bought a small make-up kit and liquid latex. I used it to give myself a "dead" zombie look. As a result, the One Armed Zombie Nurse came to be.

Submited by Kimberly Nixon, Green Sea, SC

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