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Two Face Costumes

This Batman villain is never seen without his coin, an essential prop for a Two Face costume.

Where’s Waldo Couple Costumes

Looks like these two Waldos found each other.

T1000 Terminator Costumes

The only way this T1000 Terminator Costume could possibly be more full of win is if he was holding a […]

Muffin Costumes

The big round shape for this muffin costume can be achieved with a hula hoop and cardboard.

Forclosure Costumes

This funny costume features a sexy dress turned forclosed home complete with boarded windows and a sign on the door.

B. A. Baracus and the A-Team Van Costumes

I pity the fool who doesn’t like this B. A. Baracus costume complete with the A-Team Van.

Gordan Freeman Half Life Costumes

It just wouldn’t be a Gordan Freeman costume without the crowbar.

Shower Costumes

Some fabric, a towel and pvc pipe and you’ve got everything you need for a funny guy in the shower […]

Powdered Toast Man Costumes

Ren and Stimpy had the weirdest (and funniest) side characters to dress up as, like Powdered Toast Man. This guy […]

Jay and Silent Bob Costumes

Some costumes are all about your attitude, like these Jay and Silent Bob costumes. If you love “Comic Book Men,”¬†Clerks, […]

Inspector Gadget Costumes

Go go gadget helicopter! This Inspector Gadget Costume is so cool you won’t mind that you can’t fit through doors.

Kidnapped Mermaid Costume Tutorial Costumes

Setting out to design a costume that had it all: a scary pirate, a sexy mermaid, a cool optical illusion […]

God’s Gift to Women Costumes

Some guys are confident, and some guys think they should wear a God’s Gift to Women costume. It’s a pretty […]

i herd u liek mudkipz costoom Costumes

Not only is a mudkip costume a cute Pokemon, but a crazy internet meme.

The Paper Bag Princess

Based on the book, The Paper Bag Princess, this costume is pretty easy and cheap to make. Simply use household […]