Peter Pan Captain Hook Costumes


Disney has certainly created some great characters and great Disney costumes over the years.  While Peter Pan may have first graced the pages of J.M. Barrie’s novel The Little White Bird back in 1902, much of the credit for popularizing Peter Pan must go to Disney for their classic animation, Peter Pan, released in 1953.

Among the fantastic characters created in the film is Captain Hook.  The Captain Hook costume has so much going for it that kids love in kid’s costumes.  This child’s costume has one big plus factor that kids always love; Captain Hook has a hook for a hand.  This gives Captain Hook a bit of a scary edge come Halloween time.  For let’s face it, a hook for a hand is pretty darn scary!  In fact, Captain Hook is one of Disney’s more intense characters.

The Peter Pan Disney Captain Hook Child Costume comes with a bright and well-crafted maroon, deep-red jacket that is brought to life by a golden belt and a white dickey underneath the maroon jacket.  By adding Captain Hook hat and Hook hand to the outfit, this Captain Hook costume seems as though it jumped straight from the pages of Peter Pan and into real life.

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