Peter Pan Costumes

The Peter Pan costume is one of those rare costumes, which is instantly recognized by most people.  The distinctive green hat, somewhat reminiscent of Robin Hood, usually indicates Peter Pan to most observers. Peter Pan, the creation of Scottish playwright and novelist J.M. Barrie, first appeared on the stage in 1904.  Since then Peter Pan, Wendy and the Lost Boys of Never Never Land have been part of the major and reoccurring player in entertainment in the English-speaking world.  There have been many film adaptations or works based on the core concept including Disney's Peter Pan and in 1991 the movie Hook.

Both the Peter Pan Halloween costume and the Wendy Peter Pan costume are rather popular with both adults and children.  The adult Peter Pan costumes are really a lot of fun.  And there are more costumes than just the Peter Pan costume and the Wendy Peter Pan costume.  Tinker Bell and Captain Hook costumes are both costumes that hold a firm place in many people's imagination.  Many of the Peter Pan costumes closely resemble the Peter Pan costume by Disney; while others Peter Pan costumes have taken a distinctly more liberal take on the look.

Some of the adult Peter Pan costumes are more daring than the Peter Pan costumes you might remember.  These Peter Pan Halloween costumes when made for women tend to be a bit revealing and a mischievous.  These female Peter Pan costumes come with a short green skirt, tight-fitting shirt and are meant to be worn with high heels.

Halloween is a perfect time to revisit Peter Pan and your childhood days. Regardless of what Peter Pan costume you pick, it is certain to be timeless.

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