Pirate Costume Party

One of the most obvious reasons that a pirate costume party is a grand idea is that there are vast numbers of pirate Halloween and pirate costumes available.  Pirate costumes are available for every age group, including children’s pirate costumes, plus size pirate costumes, and even sexy pirate costumes.  Bottom line, everyone can get involved in dressing up like a pirate for a pirate themed costume party. No one would soon forget an entire pirate party manned by sexy pirates, would they?

Only a few years ago, the pirate was almost forgotten at costume parties as well as during the Halloween season. However, the pirate and the pirate costume have made a comeback. Much of the new found popularity of the pirate costume is due to the success of the wildly popular Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Of course when you are throwing a pirate costume party, you want to have some pirate-related entertainment at your party. It is extremely easy to have the Pirates of the Caribbean movies running in the background to get everyone in the mood.

The pirate themed costume party also lends itself towards great games such as treasure hunts, which will be a hit with both big and little pirates.  And, of course, there is always the opportunity for the fully-grown pirates to engage in one of the pirate’s all-time favorite pastimes- the drinking game.  A pirate themed party is a great opportunity to embrace the spirit of the pirate with some fun and wild games.

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