Pirate Costumes

There can be no doubt that the Pirate of the Caribbean movies has breathed new life into the world of pirates and the pirate costume.  These visually stunning visual effects masterpieces have stirred the imaginations of all who have seen them. Pirate of the Caribbean movies have sent children all over the world to Halloween parties and trick or treating in pirate garb.

Stating that the pirate costume has made a comeback is an understatement.  In recent years, the sights of pirate Halloween costumes, and even kids pirate costumes, are far more frequent than any time in recent memory.  Put another way, people are really into pirates these days! Plus when kids dress up in kid’s pirate costumes, they can collect their pirate booty in the form of candy.

What may surprise many people is how these new pirate costumes are appealing to women.  Many of the best new pirate costumes are very sexy costumes that play up the naughty side of pirates to be sure.  These adult costumes include such pirate costumes as the pirate wench costume.  Some of the sexy pirate costumes are likely to have lots of satin, lace, short skirts and, of course, a sword.  These, and other women's pirate costumes are bound to gather a great deal of attention.

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies have definitely added many new pirate characters for people to choose from when they are looking for a pirate costume. Captain Jack tends to be a very popular choice.  What is a pirate costume without a first mate?  Pirate costume dress is not just for humans.  No me matey, man's best friend can also get on the action.  What is more terrifying to a land lubber than the sight of a pirate dog?  Pirate costumes for dogs come with little black skeleton hats, and miniature swords.

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