Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate Costume


Few movies have been more successful than the Pirates of the Caribbean films. The intense visual effects, monsters, pirates, undead pirates, and tons of action have all combined to make the Pirates of the Caribbean series one of the more popular film series of all time.

The Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Captain Jack Sparrow Prestige Adult Costume is brimming over with great touches and detail.  The costume includes the famous Jack Sparrow black jacket, striped sash and a bandana with a beaded braid attached. You also get the recognizable Jack Sparrow black pirate hat, two big belts with buckles, boot covers, a pirate shirt and blue vest.  This is a complete costume that gives you everything you need to make yourself into a rather convincing Jack Sparrow for Halloween or your next costume party.  If you want to add to the intensity of this costume try adding a Pirate Pistol or a Pirate Sword.  So unleash your inner pirate with this great adult costume.

Almost overnight, Jack Sparrow and his costume have become instantly recognizable.  It is no great surprise that Pirates of the Caribbean costumes are now gaining in popularity.  When looking for a men’s costume, it’s easy to see why so many men would opt for a Jack Sparrow costume.  Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Sparrow is completely likeable, entertaining, charming, and extremely alluring to women.

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