Pocahontas Barbie in a Box Costumes

This is my 6 year old daughter, Madison, who is a Pocahontas Barbie in a box. We formed a cardboard box to resemble a Barbie box and covered the inside and outside with yellow and pink wrapping paper. The clear on the front is also wrapping paper. The letters are cut out to spell Pocahontas. The Disney was printed and cut out with scrapbooking edging scissors. The "Special Edition" lettering was done with black letter stickers. On the back, which you can't see, is a barcode that was done on the computer by drawing lines with black number stickers at the bottom. Also, on the back, with the black letter stickers, we wrote "Made in the USA 2003" and "MFG by: Nathan & Michele Vanover".

Submitted by Michele Vanover, Bremen, KY

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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