Poison Ivy Adult Costume

Pamela Isley may have started out with the best of intentions as an environmental activist which eventually lead her on the path to become the super villain Poison Ivy. Her extreme involvement with botany and plants caused her eventual transformation giving her immunity to natural toxins and of course her infamous poisonous kiss. Poison Ivy often professes false claims of love for her victims right before she uses her deadly kiss on them. Using her seductive prowess she gains whatever she desires making Ivy truly a woman to admire. Batman should be on the lookout for this ravishing redhead before it’s too late.

The Poison Ivy Costume lets any woman daring enough to become this evil seductress and get whatever it is she desires. The costume includes a faux suede jade green mini-dress with lime green leafy trim and ivy embellishments. Also included are the ivy headpiece, gloves and an ivy boa. The Poison Ivy Adult costume is perfect to wear to a Batman or comic book themed costume party. A sexy Poison Ivy costume is especially perfect for a girl’s night out with a Gotham Girl’s theme. You and your friends can dress up as Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Catwoman to create the perfect villainess trio.

Roses and Vines Costume

This creative take on a Poison Ivy costume uses roses and the color red to create a sexy style.

Classic Poison Ivy

My family went as Batman Villains this year. I used Simplicity pattern 3629, and had to size it up 2 sizes. I then tweaked it a bit to fit the character.

Submitted by Lauren Shanley, River Heights, UT

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