Political Costume Party

A political costume party makes for a great opportunity for people to either poke fun at or show their support for political figures throughout history.  People have been dressing in president costumes and politician costumes for generations. On occasion you might even see people show up to a Halloween party dressed as in a costume like the Elephant Mascot Costume or the Dudley the Donkey Mascot Adult Costume in honor of the two dominant American political parties.

Every year during Halloween and at political costume parties, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Clinton, George Bush and scores of other political figure find their way to parties all across America.  When throwing a political costume party, there are a few ways to tie together all the different eras of history that will be represented.

Of course, an American flag theme along the lines of the Fourth of July is always a good bet.  There are so many decorations for the Fourth of July that you might not know where to begin.  Some simple Fourth of July tablecloths and stars and stripes hanging decorations can go a long way towards making your political costume party feel completely authentic.

Also consider serving decidedly American foods like the cheeseburger, French fries and the steak.  And if you are looking for a good reason to dust off the grill you probably don’t need to look any further than the political costume party.

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