Political Costumes

Making fun of politics, or more specifically politicians hasn’t been a taboo in the US pretty much ever since Saturday Night Live started making fun of Ford for being a klutz. Wearing a political costume is a great way to make fun of a politician. It could also be a great way to honor one, but either way you’re getting a conversation started by wearing a political costume.

Over exaggerated masks of presidents like Nixon are great for a few laughs, especially with a few one liners like “I am not a crook” done as an impression. Silly political masks are always a hit, but using your likeness to a politician is even better. Wearing clothing that looks like theirs, using their key phrases and adding props like American flag pins or campaign signs will get you recognized.

Sarah Palin costumes are popular by supporters and non-supporters since she’s such a recognizable political figure with a quirky vocabulary as well as a particular style of dress and hairstyle. Saying things like “You betcha” and “maverick” help make the costume a success.

Past presidents make great political costume ideas, especially George Washington and Abraham Lincoln since they are extremely recognizable historical figures. Abe Lincoln in particular is a popular costume idea since his most defining features are a beard and a top hat, which are simple accessories.

Political costumes don’t just have to emulate politicians or presidents, but political posters and mascots like Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, a Republican elephant or Democrat donkey. No matter where your political affiliations lie, you’re bound to get a deep political discussion or debate going if you wear a political costume.

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