Politically Correct Reanimated Corpse Costumes


My goal was to create the most frightening undead costume possible. I used liquid latex, fake blood, and cream make up all from a simple costume shop. My overalls and shirts came from the thrift store. The process involved about two hours of applying liquid latex, and a couple of layers of toilet paper to my face and neck. Once it dries a little, I would pull it and pinch for texture. After it completely dries (around 30 min), I applied the make up. Most of the base was white, then I had black added around the eyes and darkened features on my face like wrinkles, cheekbones, and temples. Afterward, I sprinkled myself with baby powder all over, then generously pour blood all over. I also wanted to make it politically correct. Zombie is an offensive word, and we prefer to be called "Reanimated Corpses." Help support our cause by donating brains or other body parts.

Submitted by Brian Klein, Houston, Tx

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