Poodle Skirt Plus Size Costume


Poodle Skirt Plus Size CostumeFor many people around the world, the symbols of 1950’s America are still vivid ones.  This fact is due in part to the emergence of Rock and Roll during this time.  To this day, the poodle skirt is still one of the most remembered symbols of 1950’s life in America.  The poodle skirt was traditionally a felt skirt that was designed in such a way as to give it a wide wing.  It was common to see simple designs such as flowers or flamingos added near the bottom of the skirts to give them a little extra flare.  Since the poodle skirt is so intimately associated with the 1950’s, it makes a great Halloween costume for anyone looking to revisit those “Happy Days.”

Because of the free-flowing nature of this women’s costume, it also works well as a plus-size costume.  The poodle skirt plus size costume has been expertly fashioned to be a fun take on the styles of the 1950s.  The Complete Poodle Skirt Outfit Plus (Black & Pink) Adult Costume is one seriously detailed costume.  The black shirt and skirt are accented with flashes of pink, including a pink poodle near the bottom of the skirt, a pink chiffon scarf and even pink sunglasses.  If you love the 50s, love vintage costumes and love pink, this is the costume for you.

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