Pop Art Costumes

I love colour, and I love pop art. So this year, I chose to create a costume inspired by the works of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. I made the dress out of poly-cotton, painted it with harsh black lines in fabric paint and spray painted block colours in geometric shapes as characteristic to the style. In hair and make up I tried to mimick the Marilyn Monroe screenprint as it a huge symbol of pop art. I painted myself bright pink and wore a blonde wig that I cut, styled with hair spray, painted with yellow spray paint and finished with black lines in paint for detail. I wore navy contacts to give my eyes an artificial cartoony look and wore fake eyelashes to make them pop. I dramatized my look with red lipstick, slapped on yellow tights, white heels and prepared for a night of lichtenstein-like poses! Best part about fulfilling my pop art craving was being recognised by so many!

Submitted by Roxanne Brownlee


Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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