Pregnant Costumes

When you’re pregnant you might feel kind of limited on what types of costume ideas you can pull off. But many pregnant women come up with creative costume ideas that are don’t just hide a pregnant belly, but show it off as part of the costume, like a “Bun in the Oven Costume.”

If you prefer to buy costumes rather than make them, many costume stores offer plus size and maternity costumes that are comfortable, flattering and easy to take off. Some of the most comfortable pregnant costumes involve long, loose fitting dresses. Some popular pregnant costumes include the Mommy-to-Be Fairy costume and a Nurse Maternity Costume.

Homemade pregnancy costumes are often very creative and show off the woman’s belly. If a Mom to be wants to wear a mermaid costume she can hide her belly in plain site by painting it to look like a beautiful pear inside of a clam shell. Another fun idea we’ve seen was a mom who wore a cat costume and painted her stomach to look like a fishbowl. Perhaps the funniest pregnant costume we’ve seen was a woman who dressed like a redneck husband with a big beer belly, which she exposed under a white tank top and stuck fake hair to.

There’s really no limit to the amount of creative pregnant costumes you can come up with. Whether you want to hide your belly under a dress or show it off as part of the costume, pregnant costumes can be anything from funny to beautiful.

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