Prince Charming Disney Costume

prince-charming-disney-costumePrince Charming is a character famous for appearing in Cinderella, as well as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Both tales have their roots in folklore. Additionally, both of these classic stories can be found in the collective tales of the Brothers Grimm.  Prince Charming also made a famous appearance in Cinderella with the famous glass slipper scene.

The psychological impact of Prince Charming is such that the term “Prince Charming” has literally become part of the global lexicon. The term universally is now being used to describe the “perfect man” who sweeps maidens, young and old, off their feet so they can live happily ever after.  With this fact in mind, it comes as no great surprise that the Prince Charming costume is a hit come Halloween.

Of course, the character of Prince Charming is also a classic Disney character, and a classic Disney costume.  The reason why isn’t too difficult to figure out.  After all what could be cuter than a little one dressed in a Prince Charming costume?  The Disney Prince Charming Child Costume is one very elegant child’s costume.  The light blue of the Prince Charming costume comes with maroon pants and yellow epaulettes that just bring the entire outfit together.  Don’t forget to consider a little crown for this wonderful Prince Charming Disney costume.  What a fun Halloween costume for your own little Prince Charming!

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