Princess Costume Party

One of the cutest costume party ideas ever must be the idea of a princess themed costume party for girls.  This is a fantastic costume party idea for a girl’s party, as it allows every girl to come to the party dressed in their favorite princess costume. This could be a princess Halloween costume, or one of the many Disney princess costumes.  Since there are many princess costumes to choose from, there should be no shortage of costume ideas.

When planning a princess themed costume party, one fun idea is to have food selections that represent some of the more famous princesses that are likely to appear at your party.  You can match the food selection with corresponding themed paper plates. Some ideas for food are a sampling of Middle-Eastern food (thanks to Aladdin’s Jasmine) or seafood (courtesy of Disney’s Ariel from The Little Mermaid).

Of course, many princess costumes, such as the lovely Butterfly Princess Child Costume, have magical powers as a theme.  Why not build your princess themed Halloween party or princess themed costume party around the notion of magic?  Find board games and activities that center on magic and discovery.  Most little girls would also appreciate a prize contest for who can answer the most questions correctly about famous legendary, cartoon and Disney princesses.  Just imagine all the fun of seeing all those different princesses in the same place at the same time!

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