Prisoner Costumes

If you want a costume that will definitely keep people from "messing with you" at the Halloween party, you might wish to seriously consider the old reliable prisoner costume.  However, the prisoner costume might not be the best one if you are hoping to meet a special someone at the Halloween party.  But, then again, maybe she's into the bad boys.

A stripped prisoner costume has become something of a staple at Halloween parties over the years.  At every Halloween party there is always at least one guy or gal in a prisoner Halloween costume standing next to Frankenstein, or maybe a guy wearing a white sheet with holes cut out for eyes.

While the basic look of prison costumes haven't changed too much over the years, the adult prisoner costume has evolved recently to have a bit of an edge to it.  In fact, female prisoner costumes have taken on a decided seductive look recently. These costumes sport thigh high black stockings and high-heels, just like in prison.  Well, no not really.  Some of these sexy prisoner costumes even come with pink lace.  You're unlikely to see prisoner costumes this fun even in the most liberal Scandinavian prison systems!

The prison costume is a particularly good one if you want to dress up with your pet for Halloween this year.  There are many prison costumes for dogs that are just plain hilarious.  If you really want to turn heads, why not show up in a prison costume with your dog in a dog prison costume?

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