Punk Rocker Costumes

I took old faded jeans and used a razor to cut slices down the fronts of the legs. He had a wrist band with a cross on it and I wanted to do the same on a shirt, so I took one of his old red t-shirts and cut the sleeves out of it and cut slits down the sides of the shirt as well. I made a cross templet out of poster board (I just drew it and cut it out), then I laid it on the shirt and used black spray paint, we had, to put a black cross on the shirt to match his wristband. I moosed his hair to a mohawk and put on a clip earring of a cross, and added some black eyeliner to his eyes. Added a kerchef around his neck out of old fabric and he was good to go!

Submitted by Dorothy Barnwell, Bryant, Ark



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