Queen Costumes

Queen costumes feel powerful and beautiful, making them fun, popular costumes for girls and women. From medieval queens to prom queens, queen costume ideas can be regal or causal, yet always beautiful. King and Queen Costumes are perfect for couples, especially for costume parties or dances. Plus size queen costumes are a hit, especially since many of the dresses look very flattering on many body types.

Historical queen costumes feature fancy long gowns, tall wigs and intricate patterns that are meant to be elegant and regal. Perhaps the most common European queen costumes are Queen Elizabeth and Marie Antoinette costumes. Of course historically speaking it’s important not to leave out one of the most well-known and beautiful Queens ever to rule, Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.

Of course not all queen costumes are historical, there are plenty of queens from stories that make popular costumes for women. A Queen of Hearts costume from Alice in Wonderland can have many different interpretations, taking directly from the original Lewis Carol story, the Disney version or Tim Burton’s very imaginative rendition.

Although not every queen costume must imply ruler. Beauty Queen and Prom Queen costumes, although not technically regal, are beautiful costumes for girls and teens who want to take center stage. Ice queen and fairy queen costumes, although possibly still rulers, aren’t what you’d expect from a typical queen costume, making them fun and unique.

Whether you want to be a regal ruler or a pretty prom queen, queen costumes let any woman or girl be queen for a day.

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