Rainbow Ballerina Princess Costumes


Many girls remember their days dreaming of being a princess, or perhaps a fairy or a ballerina.  Now there is a costume that can easily be made to work for all three of these dreams.  If you are looking for an adorable and enchanting costume for your little princess, then look no further than the Rainbow Ballerina Toddler/Child Costume.  This wonderful ballerina costume comes with a surprise that will delight one and all- its lights up!

Fiber optics in this costume build twinkling lights right into this fairy costume’s design.  The lights twinkle softly behind the costume’s faintly colored rainbow skirt.  This is a girl’s costume that everyone will adore and love.

The Rainbow Ballerina Toddler/Child Costume can easily be dressed up even more with some stunning accessories such as a tiara and magic wand.  The magic wand instantly makes the twinkling magic lights, built into the skirt, seem all the more magical and fun.  You certainly won’t lose sight of your little fairy if she is wearing this star-filled toddler costume!

Little girls love dressing as princesses, fairies and ballerinas.  This versatile costume can be adapted nicely to work as any of the three.  It is no doubt a beautiful costume that will look good on any little princess who wears it.

Inflatable Ballerina Costume
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