Regan from The Exorcist

Hi! My name is Christine and my costume this year was Regan the demon possessed girl from the movie The Exorcist! There were no costumes for her so I had to make everything my own from scratch..I bought a cheap nightgown from a thrift store and made my own homemade vomit which consisted of lime green fabric paint, glue, and baby powder..mixed it up and started painting ­čÖé I don't normally have bangs so I bought a clip in bang for that effect..I did all my own wounds using tissue and liquid latex, and I bought really really cool demonized contact lenses which really made the costume POP! and I even went so far as to include a homemade bed that I made out of cardboard, attached old sheets to it, made a pillow, stapled it on there..and got inside and strapped around me, then put a blanket over my body so you couldn't see that I was strapped in...I made it so I could walk with it everywhere and I could even "sit down" took ALOT of work but I was VERY happy with the result and I creeped people out all night..they didn't wanna look at me haha!

Submitted by Christine, Brockton, Ma

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