Religious Costumes

Nothing is sacred when it comes to costume ideas. Religious costumes can be worn on Halloween or as part of a religious play or pageant. Religious costumes for adults or kids can be really funny or even in some cases scary depending on what kind of accessories or make up are used. Small kids, toddlers and infants might wear religious costumes for Halloween or because they are in a play or pageant.

Some of the most popular religious costume ideas for Halloween are nun and priest costumes because they are found in a lot of costume shops, and they’re fairly easy to make. Angels are another type of popular religious costume, especially for girls because they are so pretty and sweet. But these aren’t the only types of Christian costume ideas and there are plenty of occasions to wear them other than Halloween. Christmas and Easter pageants require Jesus, Mary and wise men costumes. Biblical costumes are a great source of inspiration with lots of recognizable costume ideas. A Noah’s ark costume would be recognizable with accessories like a few pairs of stuffed animals. Adam and Eve could make a fun couples costume, as long as you don’t mind the draft.

Other religious costume come from many other faiths. Some of the most popular ideas include rabbi costumes as well as many different types of monk costumes. Many religious throughout the ages have depicted multiple Gods with unique characteristics like heads of animals or many arms. Costumes depicting Hindu Gods have been made popular, especially since Heidi Klum’s infamous Kali costume.

Whether you’re going for tasteful or tacky there are tons of religious costume ideas to choose from to express yourself.

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