Robot Costumes

Robot Costumes have been popular for many decades as robots have been ever present in sci-fi since the early 20th century. The term robot was first introduced by Czech writer Karel Capek in the play R.U.R. in which a factory manufactured artificial humans called robots. However the term was made popular by science fiction Isaac Asimov who coined the term robotics to describe the study of robotics. What’s interesting is that the terms surpassed science fiction and are used to describe the real field of robotics. Today robots aren’t just fiction, but a reality.

Early interpretations of what robotic men might look like usually depict metal skin, wires and antennae. A very classic robot like character design might be the Cybermen from Dr Who which not only appear stiff and metallic but are logical and calculating and lack all emotion. Many robot costumes follow the design of stiff metallic men, often with very boxy and square designs. Since vintage robots in sci-fi were often portrayed that way some robot costumes use materials like cardboard and tinfoil to replicate that look. Of course the Transformers are another source of inspiration for robot costumes. Another type of robot that seems much more human is androids. Androids are specifically designed to look and act human. A popular example of a “droid” would be C-3PO from Star Wars who has human like features, as opposed to R2D2 who is a robot, but lacks any human like quality. . Many companies have produced humanoid robots. Some robots take on metallic and manufactured looks, while others appear very realistic and human. ASIMO is a popular real robot created by Honda who looks somewhat like an astronaut.

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