Rock Costumes

It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone wants to be a rock star. That’s why rock costumes are so popular, among adults and kids. Rock stars are the epitome of cool and get to break all of the rules, so anyone would love being a rocker for a day. Rock costume ideas can be based on actual rock stars or they can also be completely original, borrowing from a range of rockers. Some common themes found in rock costumes might include spandex or leather pants, crazy hairstyles and of course accessories like a guitar or microphone.

80s Rock costumes would require flashy clothes and large wigs of wild teased hair… especially if you were going for the 80s hair band look. 90s alternative rock costumes would on the other hand require grungy hair and clothes like ripped jeans and flannel shirts. Another wild rock costume idea is a punk rock costume. Punk rockers are known for outrageous outfits and hairstyles like Mohawks, spiked collars and jewelry, combat boots and other wild accessories. Of course the foundations of rock music go back as early as the 50s so a rock costume could follow the styles of pioneers like Elvis or Buddy Holly.

Rock costumes also great group costumes since friends can dress up together like their favorite rock band like KISS, the Beatles or Guns n Roses. Rocker girl costumes are also really popular thanks to rocker chicks like Pink, Janis Joplin and the infamous Courtney Love. Regardless of your personal tastes in music, wearing a rock costume is exciting and makes you feel really cool.

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