Saloon Girl Plus Size Costume


Wild West was indeed pretty wild.  The western expansion of the United States was a time of gun fights, lawlessness and gold rushes.  It was also a time of cowboys driving cattle across a newly discovered continent with tiny towns scattered along the way.  Most of these towns, both large and small, had at least one saloon. With the saloon, of course came the saloon girl.  The Saloon Girl Plus Size Costume is a sexy, well-designed costume that pays tribute to this exciting and chaotic period of American history.

There is much to love in the saloon girl costume.  The red and black corset is a stunning match for the black skirt with its red sequins and trim.  The puffed sleeves also add a nice touch that is sure to be appreciated by everyone, and not just history lovers.

This exciting costume is also a testament to how many elegant and wonderful plus size costumes are on the market today.  A fun costume like the Saloon Girl Plus Size Costume should make any woman feel beautiful during Halloween.  So round up your favorite gunslinger and see if you can make some trouble. And feel free to serve as many rounds of drinks as you can.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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