Saturday Night Fever Costume


What could possibly define the 1970’s better than Saturday Night Fever?  Saturday Night Fever is one of those very rare movies that was not just a movie, but a reflection of an era.  Fans of the film know that on the surface, Saturday Night Fever might be a dancing movie. However, look a bit deeper and you will find much, much more.  It was also the film that truly launched John Travolta into superstar status.  There can be little doubt that the iconic white dance suit worn by Travolta in the film has become a de facto symbol for the Disco era itself.  With instant recognition like this, it’s no wonder that people are drawn to Saturday Night Fever costumes, John Travolta costumes and Disco costumes.

Its hard to find a 70’s costume that is more fun-loving than the Saturday Night Fever Adult Costume.  The fun of the disco era is certainly exemplified by this cocky white jacket and pantsuit.  The Saturday Night Fever Adult Costume comes complete with a matching white vest and a nicely contrasting black shirt.  Of course, the end result is a look that just visually pops as soon as you see it.  Don’t forget to add a Disco Dude Black Wig and some great dancing boots.  This is one adult costume that really knows how to boogie.

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