Scary Costumes

What would Halloween be without scary costumes?  Well, it would be just plain boring.  At the heart of Halloween is the scary Halloween costume.  If you are looking for a great scary Halloween costume there are some scary costume ideas that you just have to try.  If you are looking for scary kids costume there are a surprisingly amount of really scary kids costumes as well.  There is just something particularly memorable about a pint sized Frankenstein or a cute and cuddly vampire, for example.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to creep everyone out is to get a scary clown costume.  Of course, not everyone is scared of clowns. But for those people who are scared of clowns to begin with, an evil clown outfit will certainly get you a lot of bang for your Halloween costume buck!  For a really scary idea, try partnering up with some friends to form a evil clown posse, each of which is wearing a scary clown costume.  Or maybe a pack of evil court jesters will do the trick.  Now that is terror.

Many horror films have given rise to characters that produce instant terror, such as the Jason from the Friday the Thirteenth films and Pinhead from Hellraiser.  These costumes by their very nature scare people practically to death, and they also recall their terrified feelings from when they saw the film.  There really are few sights more terrifying that Pinhead from Hellraiser. If you have friends you are going to a Halloween party with, why not go as a pack of modern movie monsters?   The options for scary costumes really are pretty endless at this point.

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