Sci-Fi Costumes

Fans of sci-fi love wearing costumes from their favorite works of science fiction, usually about topics like the future, space travel and aliens. Although sci-fi could also include topics like alternate dimensions, robots, and mutants. Pretty much anything that involves scientific elements that are beyond what’s possible today can be considered sci-fi. What’s really fantastic about sci-fi costumes is that they can be pretty much anything and everything. Whether they are based on books, movies, TV shows or simply your imagination, sci-fi costumes can be extremely fun and elaborate.

Sci-fi costumes can be seen around Halloween, but they are most likely to be shown off at science fiction conventions, comic book conventions, anime cons and similar events. Fans of sci-fi can sometimes be extremely enthusiastic about wearing costumes and acting out as their favorite characters. Some of the most popular types of sci-fi fans include Star Trek and Star Wars fans. Of course, don’t ever make the mistake of confusing the two. Another popular work of science fiction that has inspired fans for many decades is Doctor Who. Over the years The Doctor has met many foes and worn many different types of costumes and looks, which all make for great costume ideas.

Of course even kids shows and cartoons can be considered science fiction. The Jetsons is a great example of sci-fi for kids that makes for unique sci-fi costume ideas. Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story is another example of a sci-fi character that happens to be a popular boys costume idea.

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