Scorpion from Mortal Kombat Costumes

At first, when Halloween was approaching fast, i couldn't think of what to be and then i started thinking of one of my favorite video games Mortal Kombat.

For my head- i used an old ninja mask i had and made the mouth piece from cardboard, spray painted it, and made the metal part with some finishing nails.

For my torso- i used the reverse side of an old ninja costume and painted it, I used black electrical tape for the lines, some leather for the belt, i drew and cut the symbol from paper then put it on gold spray painted cardboard, i used two layers of cardboard for the arm guards (base and outline) and spray painted the base black and the outline gold, and just wore a black shirt under it all.

And finally for my legs- i wore black pants underneath it all, i made the shin guards from two layers of card cardboard i just had lying around (base and outline) and spray painted the base black and the outline gold.

To keep the mask, shin guards, and arm guards on my body i used elastic but you could use string or any material that you can fit around your body parts.

Submitted by Ryan Grimes, Glendale, Arizona

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